Saturday 7 November 2009

GayUgandan comments on the statement issued by the Church of Uganda

Gug points out that the Church of Uganda is furiously backpeddling in issuing this statement, and, that is a good thing. His comments and the statement itself are at:

Pilate washes his hands...
That was a comment that I have lifted from somewhere. The comment was on the Church of Uganda, Anglican statement on the 'Anti-Homosexuality' Bill.

Yes, they have come out with a statement. The statement says that they are still studying the Bahati bill, and for that reason, they have not yet come up with a position of the Church. Very nice words.

Now, how many times have I quoted, from the press and other pronouncements of Church officials, bishops and such like over the previous two, three weeks? The Bishop who condemned the death penalty, and I quote, 'we must emphasize life imprisonment'. Or was that the official Church spokesperson, who is the signatory to the Church of Uganda statement?

What of the time that these guys sent representatives to the Parliament Committee on Presidential affairs? I believe it was the official who has actually signed the statement.

I dislike hypocrisy. I dont like double talking. Church people are not supposed to be politicians. They are supposed to be people who look out for the best interests of other people, who show love for those who are hurt, and lift up those who are down trodden. It is duplitious of them, it is hypocritical, after all the statements that they have made, to come up with a statement which starts with the words that the Church of Uganda has not come up with an official position on the bill.

Oh, by the way, just as a matter of observation. This thing, this statement could not have come up but for the fact that their have been complaints, and outrage from the rest of the world. Christian groups all over the world have called the Murderous Christians of Uganda to account.

This is no court of law. I see what I see, and, I write my conclusions. They may be wrong, but I try to write what is correct. What is logical.

The Church of Uganda, Anglican, has been supporting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 since it was tabled in parliament. This bill was made with the input of the Church of Uganda. That was a matter of fact. From the statements that the church made, bishops of the church, the official spokesman who, incidentally has signed this statement. The church has supported this bill.

They first backpedalled on the death penalty provision. Yes, they did. Trying to look a bit merciful. They hypocritically supported life imprisonment. So that we poor homosexual sinners could stay alive as they proselytyze us. But not in freedom.
Alive in prison.

Pharisees. Hypocrites. Pilate washes his hands....

But, I for one, will not allow them to abdicate their responsibility for hate speech, for pursuing gay Ugandans with the worst possible of things. They are liars and hypocrites.

I no longer mince words. And, what I see, that I say. The Church of Uganda Statement below shows that they are liars and hypocrites. And, they hide behind their robes the hate that they have for Ugandans who happen to be gay like me.

Liars and Hypocrites


  1. Archbishop Henri Orombi, of The Anglican Church of Uganda, has based much of his time of gracelessness by soliciting unhappy parishes, made up of fear-hatemongering Anglicans at The Episcopal Church U.S.A. The Supreme Court of California has denied his quest to takeover above named parishes and asked him to vacate immediately...same is true in the State of Georgia...Orombi and accomplices OUT! Spreading his message of holy exclusivity for the likes of him and the rest of his overpuffed religious cluster has been quite a ¨business.¨ Unfortunately, like all second rate establishments selling defective goods, Orombi´s U.S. Marketing of HATE and EXCLUSION failed (or is limping toward the nearest exit). Perhaps he´ll have better luck poisoning the holy waters in England but I doubt it...Orombi needs to get back home to Uganda and face the MESS he has created and clean up his very soiled leadership bigshotism ACT!

  2. Amen, Leonardo Ricardo! Orombi was here in my fair city in Florida fanning the flames of hatred during one of our infamous splits in the Episcopal Church.