Sunday 9 January 2011

We'll keep the Trans flag flying here

Changing Attitude’s work for LBGT people is, as Colin has said many times, well-respected for its integrity – and that includes its work with Trans people. Through our links with Trans Christian group, the Sibyls, and other Trans organisations we have gained a reputation for being able to offer advice and support to Trans people, especially if they are having difficulty with their church during their transition, or when they wish to marry in church, and I will be posting some simple guidance on these and other matters on our new website.

Our blog posts too have sometimes been important in promoting networking. My recent obituary of the late Sonia Burgess, for example, did this in two ways.

It immediately prompted Trans Media Watch to ask us to join their campaign to improve the portrayal of Trans people’s lives in the media and the organisation has been added as a link on the Changing Attitude website.

A few weeks later I was approached for an interview by Observer journalist, Elizabeth Day, and her lyrical and comprehensive feature about Sonia/David was published in that paper today and is also available here:

In a beautiful, but tragically broken, and often polarised world what we do seems little enough, but we know, from the feedback we receive, that it is important for us - as an organisation, and as individuals - to continue to demonstrate the same combination of strength and gentleness, courage and compassion which was, it transpires, incredibly highly developed in Sonia’s life and work.

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