Tuesday 15 September 2009

The Bondo Gathering - a further update

Henry Mayor has now added to his report of the Bondo Gathering, the six-day Retreat/workshop for the clergy of the Diocese of Bondo and a few others.

He is now known to virtually all of the 45 plus clergy in the Bondo diocese. He won’t remember all of them, he says, but some were particularly keen to talk with him and to express their appreciation for what they had heard. It was good to see Bishop Johannes Angela engaging with his clergy, in a way which struck Henry as approachable and good-humoured. He was present in all sessions but said very little, letting the discussion take its course and make its own impact independently of his views.

Now Henry is in Nairobi and has linked up with Michael Kimindu and Anna Booth, an Anglican who is also a member of the Metropolitan Community Church in Manchester. Together they are working out an itinerary which should enable them to meet a lot more lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Kenyans, and talk with other Christians who are either already engaged in discussing the topic, or may be so in the future.
Henry would be glad to be put in contact with anyone in the media, especially Christian media, who might publish the details, and he’s open for invitations to talk, discuss, broadcast etc. when he returns to the UK.

Last but by no means least, he would like to thank all who helped the Bondo Fund committee to raise around seven thousand pounds, which seemed to him an unreachable figure when they started, and all who have supported him and the Kenya programme in prayer.

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