Monday 15 June 2009

Conservatives who claim devastating consequences to Christian witness are driving people from church

Conservative Christians in the UK believe they are prevented by proposed legislation from openly explaining what they believe the Bible says about sexual conduct. Christian Concern for our Nation (CCFON) is petitioning HM the Queen, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the House of Lords CLC believes the sanctity of life and freedom of speech are under immediate threat by measures in the Coroners and Justice Bill.

Barrister Andrea Minichiello Williams is one of the sources of “inspiration and support for this enabling and empowering outlet” which exists “to serve the Church by providing information to enable Christians to stand up publicly against a tide of unchristian legal and political changes” bringing together “focused legal, policy and media expertise and strategic intervention in order to secure favourable legal and political outcomes.”

The Christian Legal Centre, founded by Andrea Minichiello Williams, is a sister organisation “that offers legal support to Christians facing issues of biblical freedom.” Andrea Minichiello Williams says that buried deep within the Bill is a clause which could prevent any Christian openly stating what the Bible says, and Christians have believed for 2,000 years, about issues such as homosexual conduct or even marriage. Church leaders and individual Christians answering questions about their faith could well find themselves the subject of a police investigation and arrest just for speaking and living according to the Bible’s teaching on sexuality and marriage.

One person’s biblical freedom and unchristian legal change is another person’s salvation. LGBT Christians have welcomed the protection from abuse offered by government legislation. Christians who support CCFON are out of step not only with the huge majority of people in UK society in their attitude towards sexual conduct but also with the majority of Christians.

Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to ask if these conservatives have a just case. The clause in the bill does not further erode individual freedom. It makes clear the intention of the original legislation. That legislation protects both people of faith and LGBT people from discrimination and negative attitudes at work. It is about equality and diversity at work. The cases referred to on the CCFON web site are primarily cases at work.

Conservative Christians say they want freedom – preserve the right is how the petition puts it – “to, discuss, criticise and urge to refrain from certain forms of sexual conduct or practices.” This means they want the freedom, at work, to quote Bible verses at and be critical about the relationships and loves of LGBT people. The law says this is prejudicial to the well-being of LGBT people at work and you can’t do it.

CCFON, CFC and Andrea Minichiello Williams represent a tiny minority not just of people in this country but of Christians. They are not representative and yet they want an exemption for themselves which will allow them to be abusive in the work place to LGBT people. They are unable to recognise that their so-called Christian values and teaching about marriage and sexuality are deeply offensive to the majority.

They believe there will be “devastating consequences” to Christian witness and integrity in the UK if the Bill goes through Parliament. The tragedy is, they are the groups causing devastating consequences now. They are undermining the church’s mission and witness by making the church look homophobic, deeply prejudiced, obsessed with sex and negative.


  1. I think puritan ¨freedom¨ has run riot and attempted to ruin/run the lives of LGBT for 2000+ years...they´ve had ample time for a test ¨run¨...¨frothing at the mouth¨ they appear to be driven over the brink of COMMON sense and the basic understanding of Gods ¨will¨ for ALL of Gods beloved!

    It´s more than time that terrorfilled religious sadists start facing THEIR OWN DEPTH OF SIN for a change...even if it means keeping their claws off of us by adding legal restraints!

  2. I think, and I heard hundreds of people supporting this view, CCFON and CLC are doing great job. They stand for the most fundamental biblical principle that sexual relationship is intended by God to exist between a male and a female in married relationship. The rest is deviance from the norm appointed by God. The only fact that this issue is being debated shows that we live in immensely wicked times. I really feel great sadness for people who seriously think that same sex sexual relationship is equivalent to heterosexual one. On common-sense approach is sounds like madness. The issue is so simple. Yet, there is too much hatred toward those who state that simple Godly view. The problem is that humanistic ideology has penetrated the so-called church and destroying it through the wishy-washiness of some "Christians".

  3. I must confess I think Andrea is doing immense damage and as indicated only seems to promote those parts of the bible that support her cause. She seem oblivious to other parts of the bible and hides among her friends while she fuels bigotry and hatred ignoring the consequences of her actions

  4. Now Williams is comparing the equality laws proposed for the EU as social genocide. She wants to continue her discrimination and make money for her organisation. She is turning thousands from the church because of her intolerance and desire to attack one section of society while ignoring her own prejudices.

  5. Williams is obsessed with homosexuality... "conflict are a Christian’s rights to refuse to facilitate that practice"...she demonstrates her total ignorance on the subject and believes it makes her a champion for Christianity. She has come from a very privilege background and her ideology and intimiting crusade no nothing of the Christian Gospel

  6. Corrupt, lies, false and irresponsible. When an organisation (CCFON) sends out an email asking for £20,000 to cover monthly expenditure you know something is crooked. Andrea Minichiello Williams should be ashamed. Her views an embarrassment to any free thinking Christian individual.