Friday 26 June 2009

Homosexuals arrested in Nigeria as ACNA and FoCA embrace the Church of Nigeria

ACNA has launched this week in the USA and Canada and FoCA is preparing to launch in the UK. Anglican Mainstream have announced that the Most Revd Nicholas Okoh, Archbishop of Bendel and Bishop of Asaba, Nigeria will be speaking at Christ Church Beckenham at 6.30pm July 5th as part of the FoCA launch.

Today, 26 June, a report from the LGBT African Coalition says that three homosexuals were arrested by the Edo State police command in Benin City, Nigeria. They were paraded like common criminals and displayed on television. The command Public Relations officer has said they would be charged to court as homosexuality is a criminal offence in Nigeria.

The report does not say that the three men were engaged in homosexual activity. Being homosexual is enough to be arrested as a criminal in Nigeria. Davis Mac-Iyalla, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria has asked the group in Benin City, Edo State to investigate and find out how we support can be given to their fellow brothers. The Coalition calls on all human rights activists everywhere to speak up against this injustice.

ACNA and FoCA have no interest in human rights or justice. If they did, I would consider asking Davis to join me in meeting with Archbishop Okoh when he is here. But the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) supports the arrest and humiliation of gay people as common criminals. Indeed, the church supports the further criminalising of gay people in the Same Sex Marriage Act.

By embracing the Church of Nigeria ACNA and FoCA commit themselves not just to a conservative position on homosexuality but one which treats gay people as common criminals.

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  1. I'm a Nigerian Priest. The Church in Nigeria has lost her focus in Christian teachings. Condeming people because of their sexual orientation is evil and wickedness in the sight of God and man. International Organizations on Human Rights should rise against this injustices and act of wickedness on the people involved including those so called bishops that think they're God.