Saturday 11 July 2009

Changing Attitude at General Synod in York

Changing Attitude is present at the July meeting of General Synod at the University of York. Four volunteers have joined Colin Coward, Director or Changing Attitude England. CA has a display in the exhibition area of Synod. We are here to network and engage with members of Synod, those who are Changing Attitude supporters, those who are supportive of the full inclusion of LGBT people and those who oppose our full inclusion in the church.

On Friday evening we welcomed members at both entrances to the Synod meeting hall with the Changing Attitude banners and leaflets handed to synod members telling two stories, one of a lesbian and the other of a gay couple, all committed Christians, one couple committed evangelicals, who have been deeply wounded by the church’s refusal to bless their relationships.

The new CA banner is based on the Stonewall campaign of 2008 and reads ‘Some Christians are gay. Get over it!’ The banner was welcomed enthusiastically by many Synod members. Those who disagree with our presence walk past and refuse to take a leaflet. They are, of course, the people who would most benefit from reading the testimonies, supporters of FOCUK.


  1. Good to see the cause represented at General Synod! Though I can't help thinking what a shame it is that CA didn't send a representative to Anaheim. I really think we need to be building links with our brothers and sisters in the States (and Canada!) so it's a shame that no one from CA was there. What are the CA trustees views on the LGBT activity at Anaheim?

  2. Thanks Anon. It is a shame that we were unable to send anyone to Anaheim. We wanted to, but having looked carefully at our finite resources the CA presence at the General Synod at York was our first priority AND we do have very strong links with our brothers and sisters in the States and Canada which is great. These links have informed my latest post (just above this one) which is about the Trans resolutions at General Convention and Colin and I will be both be posting more on what is happening at GC as news continues to break. Best wishes, Tina

  3. Thanks for that Tina. I'm glad the "T" is being represented at GC! What about the latest developments with D025? Do you or Colin have any thoughts?