Saturday 30 May 2009

Lesbian Bishop elect of Stockholm

The Diocese of Stockholm in the Lutheran Church of Sweden, with which the Church of England is in communion, has elected a new bishop. Nothing unusual there, except the bishop-elect is not only a woman, but also a lesbian. Eva Brunne lives in a registered partnership with another woman and has a young son.

She was elected by a significant majority of 413 votes to 365 against Hans Ulfvebrand, her opponent in the final second round of the election on May 26. How refreshing to see a Bishop chosen in an open manner by a wide range of people who know the gifts, experience and suitability of the candidates, rather than the mysterious appointments system of the Church of England.

Bishop-elect Eva has been chosen as the most suitable person for this leadership role, regardless of her sexuality. We can and do applaud the Church of Sweden for this prophetic decision, but we look for the day when such an appointment in the Church of England would not in itself be newsworthy.

By the Porvoo Agreement, the Church of Sweden is also in communion with the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church in Wales and the Church of Ireland. Is it too much to hope that leaders of these Anglican churches can be open to learn from their sister church in Sweden, and embrace the ministries of their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered members?


  1. As I read what you have written about the NEW Bishop in Sweden, Lutheran Church, Diocese of Stockholm...well, my mind boggles...think of it, ENGLAND, The Church of England, is still operated by more than a handful of tiresome old men who need more than just a shampoo and a eyebrow plucking (+Rochester needs a buzz cut) to clean up themselves.

    Truly, I have a terrible attitude, but I´m so happy I´ll be with clients in Chicago and Wisconsin when the ABC hits Anaheim General Convention...someone ought take him on the Mad Hatters Teacup Ride, it´s handy, just accross the street at Disneyland! Maybe that will help rearrange his thinking, if not, there is always Knotts Berry Farm!

    I´m going to bed now before I get mean.

    FELICIDADES BISHOP EVA BRUNNE (her selection seems normal, spiritually healthy and HAPPY to me)

  2. Truly a double whammy for our fundy friends to ponder. Hot on the heels of Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir in Iceland to, another wall torn down.