Monday 11 May 2009

What might the conservative strategy be?

What might the people in my previous post have been plotting (because plotting is what this uncomfortable huddle of men looked as if they were doing)?

The Anglican Communion Insitute published a lengthy analysis of Friday's Covenant debate in which they concluded that the resolution hadn't been properly passed. The statement by Christopher Seitz, Philip Turner, Ephraim Radner, Mark McCall and
the Rt. Revd. John Howe concludes:

Two actions are required as a matter of urgency:

This issue must be re-visited immediately by the ACC and voted upon in a lawful and proper manner during this meeting. The alternative is moving forward with lasting questions as to the legitimacy of the entire process. Is this in doubt?
An explanation must be offered by those in charge of these proceedings, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Chairman of the ACC, as to how such manifestly improper procedures were permitted to unfold from the outset of Friday’s session and, indeed, of ACC-14 itself. It appears to us that things descended into chaos and no one stopped and sought to bring things to order.
If lawful and proper action on the covenant is not forthcoming from this meeting of the Council, the only appropriate response is for the Churches of the Communion to begin themselves the process of adopting the Ridley Cambridge Text.

I will blog on developments through the day. Next we have plenary reflecting on the Mission Encounters which took place yesterday. The day concludes with a Presidential Address by Archbishop Rowan.

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