Tuesday 24 February 2009

Davis Mac-Iyalla's Sunday in Brussels

I visited Holy Trinity church in Brussels on Sunday for worship. Because of heavy traffic I arrived late but I was glad to see a community of people from different ethnic backgrounds worshipping together. Most of the people were elderly English speaking people and it became clear they are of an older generation that still holds to conservative views while giving support to refugees and any one who comes in to their church. I could see that the attitude of hate the sin and love the sinner was still in place.

I was very happy to find out that the Chaplain is from Nigeria and a school mate to some of my friends who are priests in my home Diocese of the Niger Delta. I could see some worries on his face when I rang his bell after the service to introduce myself. He was very welcoming, however and introduced his wife and two beautiful girls. I was offered food and drink and was welcomed very well.

However there was no time for me to ask his views on the debate about human sexuality in the Anglican Communion - he was running late for the next service. I left Holy Trinity rejoicing because the Chaplain wanted me to join the next service, a Youth dedication service where a young Ghanaian who is a member of the youth group was to preach the sermon.

Beloved friends, you don’t often find Nigerian priests opening their doors to welcome fellow Christians who are LGBT. Even those living in the West are still trapped in the politics of the Church of Nigeria because they don’t want to go back home and be rejected by their home bishop.

The welcoming attitude of this Nigerian priest opened my mind to begin to research how many Nigerian priests are in Europe and are really welcoming to everyone. Changing Attitude Nigeria will continue to seriously challenge religious homophobia not only within the Nigerian Church but also in Europe and other parts of the World.

Later I met with an African Gay Pentecostal group. They are very much underground as gay people but also form an open choir, singing the Holy Spirit down on bishops, priests and lay people every Sunday in their churches. Many conservative Christians claim to be hearing from the Holy Spirit directly, but I keep wondering why the conservatives have still not got the message that there are many LGBT members in their churches who sing the melodies in choirs and congregations every Sunday, singing about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


  1. DUMO IYALLA!! .... you cannot defame the house of God and not face the consequences from God... I have always known Mac-Iyalla as someone who can do anything for financial gain but Cannot believe he can go this far..The problem is that westerners believe they are wiser than us but I'm certain no one can match the ingenuity of a fraudulent Nigerian..I know your eyes will never open..Dumo(thats his real name cos I've known him for many years)Iyalla..welldone! You have succesfully conned these gullible westerners and are living abroad in physical peace..But I believe the eyes of God of Abraham and Isaac are open and his will concerning this matter shall surely prevail.

  2. Davis Mac-Iyalla is playing out a carefully hatched plan just for his own benefit..I have known this young man from childhood and his ways have never been straightfoward in his dealings..Lets leave christianity aside.. this man can do anything for gain..My great surprise is that a man could raise himself to he level of the antichrist just to better his physical self.. Davis..to start with Iam quite sure you are fighting a cause that you dont even care about..your antecedents as a conman confirm this..there are many other ways you could con gullibe people for financial gain and a chance for political asylum.. what i cannot fathom is extent you had to go..you have always chosen the easy way out since i have known you..I live abroad also but am here as a professional..why dont you ever want to use the straight path DUMO IYALLA..Anyway the bible says God is not mocked..whatever we sow we shall reap...God never sleeps.. for emphasis iam speaking as someone who has known you and is from the same tribe as you..I stumbled unto this story by misake and still cannot believe what iam seeing!!!

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I find it very difficult to understand how to respond to your false comment about me here. You claimed that you are from the same tribe as me and also a fellow Christian, yet you bear false witness against me and called me an antichrist.

    If you truly want people to believe your comments, you must start by been honest with your identity. I will respond more when I know the real person who is spreading such hate and false witness against. I pray you find peace and love.