Monday 2 February 2009

Primates meeting Day 2 - behind the lens and laptop

I’m never sure what my place and role is at meetings like this. In some people’s minds, it’s clearly for the big boys (and they are nearly all boys, of course). For a few of the Primates I know well, it’s a meeting of friends in Christ, which to me, is how it ought to be. Riazat Butt from the Guardian, Christine Codner and one or two other staff members, and Brenda Harrison from CA are the only women present among the men.

I am here primarily to meet and converse with people and build relationships. The other media people are here to report and blog, and you will be reading their reports elsewhere. Some have their own style. I am often as fascinated by what is happening on my side of the fence, where the pictures are being taken from and reports filed.

The images here can speak volumes. So here’s George Conger of Living Church and the Church of England Newspaper and David Virtue of Virtueonline. One likes big equipment (and takes much better photos than me as a result) and the other likes nestling his laptop, throughout a service if necessary, to the point of rising to say the creed with it.

Both are staying at the Helnan Palestine hotel where the rate we were quoted is £250 a night, though if we had booked early enough (and CA had the money) we might have been given the reduced rate of £90 a night.

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